Adding a mail app to Outlook 2013

Note: The following article applies to Outlook 2013 and Exchange 2013 environments only. This functionality does not exist for earlier versions.

With Exchange 2013 Microsoft has given users the ability to run mail apps to improve their specific mail experience. These apps can be used to cover a wide range of functionality, from note taking to header analysis. These apps are primarily accessed through the Outlook Web App, however, they can also be run with desktop Outlook 2013.


By default any user can add mail apps from the Office Store. If users are required to use mail apps not available in the Office Store. For this they will need additional permissions. For additional information on this please view the following article:

What Permissions are required to install mail apps in Outlook and Outlook Web App 2013?

Adding the Mail App

In Outlook 2013 in the FILE menu, select the Info tab. From here there will be an option to Manage Apps.

Note: This option will not be available if you do not have an Exchange 2013 connection and are not part of the same domain.

When you click Manage Apps it will launch a browser window that will bring you to the apps for Outlook section of your Exchange Admin Console. Once you have logged in you will have the option to add mail apps from the Office Store, a URL or from a file. While in this window you will be able to enable and disable any existing mail apps.

Use Ctrl+Shift+R to “Reply all” to the selected message.


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