When I send a document from within a Microsoft Office application such as Microsoft Word, Outlook Express comes up. How can I set up my Default Mail Client to use OWA?

To set OWA as the default mail client, which lets you send messages from within Microsoft Office, respond via MailTo links on websites and send attachments by right-clicking on files on the desktop, you need to use a third party add-on, such as ActiveSend from Messageware (

Set OWA as the default email client


ActiveSend also includes the ability to save an encrypted username and password, and toggle between mail accounts so you can change the default email from OWA to Outlook, for example, if you are using a notebook both in and out of the office.

Use ActiveSend to toggle between OWA and Outlook Express



Use Ctrl+Shift+R to "Reply all" to the selected message.


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