How can I customize the way that OWA looks?

In the OWA Options page you can customize the OWA interface in the following ways:

  • Set messaging option
  • Choose the number of messages to display per page (5-100)
  • Choose what to do after deleting an item
  • Choose to play a sound when new mail arrives
  • Decide to display a notification when new mail, fax or voicemail items arrives
  • Create a personal signature which can automatically be sent with all messages
  • Choose the OWA font to be used in all messages. The default is Arial 10pt.
  • Choose how to respond to messages with a read receipt.
  • Choose when an item should be marked as read
  • Configure your spelling options and dictionary language
  • Configure your calendar options by defining your work week and configuring reminders
  • Enable the Out of office assistant and customize a message for internal and external senders
  • Create rules to move or delete messages based on sender, distribution lists or keywords
  • Change the appearance of OWA

Use Ctrl+Shift+R to "Reply all" to the selected message.


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