Can I delete recent recipients from the auto-fill suggestions?

Outlook Web Access 2007 incorporates the auto-fill feature many people are familiar with from desktop Outlook. How it works is when users type a name in the address bar of a new message or meeting request, a drop down list of the most recent recipients is displayed. The list is narrowed down as the user continues to type. Choosing names already in the drop down list makes addressing a message much more time efficient.

Delete recent recipients

To remove a recent recipient from the drop-down list,
  1. Type the recipient's name in the new message address bar.
  2. When the list appears, use the UP and DOWN keyboard keys to move through the list.
  3. Select the name recipient to be removed and press the DELETE keyboard key.
  4. The recipient is removed from the recent recipient cache.

For more flexibility around managing favorites, there is a third-party add-on from Messageware ( which allows users to manage their favorites by adding or removing them from the favorites list.

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Use Ctrl+Shift+R to "Reply all" to the selected message.


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