16 New Features in Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (December 2007)

TechNet Magazine

The article covers the 16 most significant changes Exchange 2007 SP1 offers, including:

  1. A new Public Folder Management Console
  2. An updated Exchange Management console which lets Administrators create new mailboxes in bulk, grant or remove Full Access rights, and configure Send As permissions for a mailbox
  3. Mobile device remote wipe request confirmation messages
  4. An enhanced OWA client includes the option to create and edit Personal Distribution Lists, use the Recover Deleted Items feature, use the move and copy commands from the right-click menu, access Public Folders, and use S/MIME to read and compose signed and encrypted e-mail messages
  5. A composition monitoring feature which ensure that OWA Light users will not be timed out while creating a new message.

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