Apps in Outlook Web App

Microsoft has added several apps for Outlook: Bing Maps, Suggested Appointments, and Action Items. These apps are integrated with Outlook and Outlook Web App and extend the information and functionality of messages and calendar items.

Apps in Outlook attempt to anticipate your needs and automatically propose actions you might want to take by using the contents of the email message. For example, if an email message contains a street address, the Bing Maps app offers you a Bing tab with a quick link to a map and directions. Or, if a phrase in the email message suggests a possible action item, the Action Items app creates a suggested Task for your review. An offer to meet is suggested as an Appointment to be added to your calendar, thanks to the Suggested Appointments app.

Apps for Outlook aren't dependent on the version of Exchange Server that you're using. You won't have to worry about breaking or losing any apps for Outlook that you have added when you upgrade Exchange servers or move to a new Exchange version.

Administrators can use the Exchange admin center (EAC) to manage the apps available to users in the organization. Users can then manage their apps. Administrators can also allow users to download apps from

In addition, third-party developers are encouraged to create additional apps for Outlook and then offer them at To learn more, see Build Apps for Office for background information and Mail apps for Outlook for detailed information about building apps for Outlook.

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