OWA 2000 FAQs

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1 How can I configure per-server segmentation?
2 How can I paste / embed images in to OWA messages?
3 Why does the OWA Inbox not refresh correctly on Macintosh clients?
4 Why can viewing an OWA attachment on a client machine be a security risk?
5 Why does mail appears to be missing when a new OWA session displays the view of the folder that was used last in an earlier session?
6 When I send a document from within a Microsoft Office application such as Microsoft Word, Outlook Express comes up. How can I set up my Default Mail Client to use OWA?
7 Why does my OWA session time out?
8 How can I restrict OWA address searches to multiple organizational units?
9 How can Exchange 2000 OWA users access Exchange Server 5.5 Public Folders?
10 Why can I not grant delegate writable access to a mailbox for an OWA Client?
11 How can I restrict users to viewing the address list of their own organization, not the entire Global Address List (GAL)?
12 How can OWA be set up to use UPN logon names instead of domain\username?
13 How can I disable multimedia file access for my OWA users?
14 How can I change the reminder polling interval for OWA 2000 users?
15 How can I change the new mail notification interval for OWA 2000 users?
16 Why are some users not logged of OWA after clicking the Log Off button?
17 How is the Change Password feature implemented in OWA?
18 How do you change the Outlook Web Access Logon Page?
19 My users are getting additional OWA login prompts, how can I fix this?

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