What is the offline support in OWA 2013?

One of the best features in the new OWA 2013 that was introduced by Microsoft is called OWA offline. OWA offline allows the user to have a full access to their mailbox even when not connected to Exchange. OWA offline behaves the same way as desktop Microsoft Outlook cache mode.

To use this feature the following requirements must be met:

Compatible browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Safari 15
  • Chrome 16

Exchange Version:

  • Your mailbox must be hosted on exchange 2013
  • OWA access must be hosted by Exchange 2013 CAS Server.

The work you do while disconnected is automatically synchronized the next time connectivity is restored. This allows users to be productive using OWA even when they have no network connectivity. It also makes OWA faster and a better experience from remote locations with slow or intermittently connected networks.



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